Pricing your Stencil

When we know the exact requirements for your project we will send you a detailed quote. We have included a few jobs on this page to help you get an idea of the price range you’ll be looking at for your project. If you would like any further information about our prices please contact us.

Comparative Pricing

It may help you to look at the details and prices of some jobs we have completed in the past to get an idea of where your project might fit in.

Eythorne House
The Flax and Twine
Asta Sollilja
Custom bike helmet

If you are not sure if we can supply what you want within your fixed budget, please tell us how much you want to spend. We’ll let you know what we can achieve within your price range.

Payments can be made by U.K cheque, bank transfer, BACS payment, Paypal or cash.

Give us a call or drop us a line to find out more.


Eythorne House testimonial

Eythorne House – Pocklington

"We are renovating our house and wanted something which was in keeping with the Victorian style frontage. The Cut Out Company provided a fantastic design based on some online images we had collected. The application was quick, tidy and we're delighted with the finished result."

Flax and Twine cafe

The Flax and Twine – Shambles York

“We were really happy with the end result, we felt like we got value for money and a professional finish.”

Asta Sollilja hand painted boat name

Asta Sollilja – Norfolk

“The lettering looks fantastic, I found the masks really quick and easy to use. I’m looking forward to getting a bigger boat to decorate next!”

Air brush canvas

Custom airbrushed underwater canvas – Elisabeth Karouta for Lemon Grove Gallery

“I’ve used The Cutout Company’s custom stencils for quite a few jobs, I’ve always found them to be reliable and give an excellent finish. I can call them with some really obscure ideas and they always come up with something great.”

Pricing Examples

Eythorne House – Pocklington, Yorkshire

Reverse glass gilding house name

The Brief

The owners of Eythorne house contacted us to say they would like a sign to complete the redecoration of the front of their house. They had recently changed the house name to ‘Eythorne house’ and wanted something to show it off. We were asked to design a sign in a victorian style to fit the glass inset (fanlight) above the front door.

Mock up design on photo for reverse glass gilding
Applying bespoke stencil mask to glass

How we did it

The clients sent pictures and dimensions of the glass to be decorated, along with a photograph of their chosen alphabet (font).
We redesigned the font by redrawing the letters by hand and with computer manipulation. We then showed them a suggested range of border designs, The chosen design was then redrawn and adapted to work within the shape and dimensions of the fanlight. A computer generated rendering of the final design was sent to the client for approval.
The digital mask was cut in reverse and taken to site. The Cutout Company applied and decorated the sign over the course of 2 days using the traditional reverse glass gilding technique-verre eglomise-with 23.5 carat gold.. (Because of the extensive redesigning of the font and border and subsequent studio time, the design fee accounts for a large percentage of the total cost. This can be greatly reduced if ready to use fonts are purchased and supplied to us).


The final cost of this project was - £918.40

This was broken down into;
Materials - £60.00
Labour    - £360.00
Design    - £330.00
Travel    - £68.40
Accom     - £100.00

The Flax and Twine – Shambles York

The Brief

To create a hand painted sign on a tight budget for a new shop and café opening on the Shambles in York.

Applying custom stencil mask for hand painted shop sign

How we did it

After receiving dimensions, colour and font details from the clients we cut the bespoke stencil.
The mask was applied directly to the sign boards and specialist silver signwriting enamel paint was rollered on.

The Flax & Twine hand painted sign using vinyl stencil mask


The total cost of The Flax and Twine sign was £319.40

Broken down into;
Materials - £35.00
Labour    - £180.00
Design    - £30.00
Travel    - £74.40

Asta Sollilja – Canoe

The Brief

The client wanted a painted sign for his canoe instead of using vinyl letters. 2 small stencils in a plain font reading “Asta Sollilja” were to be supplied for the client to apply and paint himself.

Asta Sollilja font examples

How we did it

The client had asked for a plain font so we emailed 2 options to choose from. After approving his font and sending us the dimensions of the lettering (5cm high) we cut his design and sent it to him. He applied the stencil himself with black gloss paint.

Asta Sollilja hand painted boat name


The total cost of the bespoke stencil was £34.00

Broken down into;
Materials - £10.00
Design    - £20.00
Postage   - £4.00

eslov logo for custom airbrush helmet

Airbrushed Cycle Helmet

The Brief

One of our clients (Elisabeth Karouta) is a specialist decorator and mural artist. she needed a bespoke mask cutting for a custom airbrushed bike helmet.

How we did it

Cykel stationen logo photocopy

The only designs we had to work with were two photocopies. First, we had to digitally remove all the extraneous grey tones caused by creases in the paper. Then remove some elements of the design ( the bicycle) and generally sharpen and improve the light and dark contrast. We then digitally ‘vectorised’ the artwork to create the mathematical lines that would become the cuts in the mask. The masks were very small and difficult to handle, some of the components in the design measured less than 1mm. We sent several copies of the masks in different formats so the client (who has experience with masking) could experiment beforehand with what process worked best for her on the surface.


Custom airbrushed helmet Eslovs

The total cost for these graphics was £199.00

Broken down into;
Materials - £15.00
Design    - £180.00
Postage   - £4.00

Disclaimer: All prices correct as of time of job. Factors, such as inflation may apply…