The Cutout Company offer an all inclusive service but understand that many of our customers only require parts of the service; such as a mask you’d like to apply and decorate yourself.

We have many tips we can offer to help you apply a mask. Please remember however, that although applying a mask is very simple, it is a craft product and requires some care.

Vinyl stencil mask

Your mask will arrive looking like this;

There is a backing sheet -

The bespoke stencil -

A clear or paper top sheet -

• Simply peel away the backing sheet, apply to surface, flatten and remove bubbles with squeegee

• Peel off top layer.

• Apply your finish and remove mask.

• Remove any small pieces with a scalpel or pin.

For more complex designs we will send a layout sheet and specific instructions to ensure perfect results from your mask.

It is advisable to check the surface you are going to be working on is strong enough and won’t be damaged by the mask adhesive. You can do this by applying a small strip of ordinary masking tape to an unobtrusive area of the surface, leave for 24 hrs and then remove. If the surface remains unmarked you should be safe to carry on. If not the surface will need to be properly decorated before continuing.