The Cutout Company Digital Masks are sticky backed, ultra thin and lightweight. A mask obscures parts of a surface allowing the exposed areas to be decorated. They are quick and easy to use and produce stunning effects.

Bronze pinstriping
Faux marquetry snowflake design
metal leaf and paint fretwork design
Gilded tudor rose stencil mask
aluminium leaf and paint silver birch

Here’s a list of features and benefits that our digital masks have over traditional layout techniques such as stencilling, pouncing and gridding.

Time saving – Traditional stencilling and layout techniques require a lot of planning and marking out by hand, stencils need to be cleaned regularly and pounces re-chalked. Computer aided design allows us to cut multiple stencils in minutes.

Economical – The cost of labour is greatly reduced when there is no need to hand-cut stencils or redesign edges and borders to fit awkward angles and shapes

Easy to apply and remove – The mask itself is very straightforward to stick and the application of finish is just as simple, compared to traditional stencils. If properly applied there is little to no bleeding with a digital mask even when you apply paint with a roller!

Predictable – Because all our designs are designed digitally you can see exactly how they are going to look before it’s cut.

Perfect registration – The guesswork is taken out of positioning designs using our simple but foolproof registration guides. Multiple colour designs can be completed quickly with flawless results.

Storage – All your designs are stored on disc or memory stick. This helps avoids clutter in the office, it provides a means of backing up your artwork, makes repeat orders simple, and is useful for general future reference. There is no longer any need to store hardcopy versions of all your artwork.

No bridges/ Ties – because of the self-adhesive nature of our stencils there’s no need to add traditional stencil ties or bridges that used to be necessary to hold all the design elements together. This gives you an infinite range of design possibilities and eliminates the ‘stencil’ look.

Accuracy of designs - designs can be cut to .01mm. We can also show you exactly how your mask will be cut before we send it to you, so any inaccuracies can be spotted before decoration proceeds.

Gilding - Stencil masks can be used with gold, silver and metal leaf, the mask adhesive leaves no residue therefore gives a sharp clear edge. If a fixative is used to keep a traditional stencil in place it leaves a sticky residue on the surface and is impossible to gild.

Scale – We can cut masks that will cover vast areas, they can be hung like wallpaper and mean that large areas can be decorated in a fraction of the time needed to hand draw or stencil.

Continuity – The ‘many hands’ problem. When working with large teams of people, variations in style can cause difficulties. Masks control the consistency of work from start to finish. We can even design masks to look hand-drawn and ‘rough’.

Versatility - We can provide many different types of mask suitable for different circumstances and materials.

Clean – no spray fixant or shellac required and no chalk or charcoal!

The Cutout company still respect and use traditional techniques like stencilling, pouncing, gridding, and if the job calls for these techniques rather than masking (e.g naturalistic murals) we will always recommend their use.

Digital masks can be used to transfer your photos into artistic portraits on canvas. Call us to find out more