The Cutout Company provide a completely individual custom service.

To make sure you get exactly what you want we communicate with you at every stage of the project.

First we need your idea* - an image; a sketch, photo, magazine clipping, weblink and a description of the surface you’d like to put it on.

Traditional gilding chair sketch
Traditional gilding chair blank
Traditional gilding chair

When we have received your idea- be it by e-mail, phone or post we’ll be in touch to discuss the finer points of your design.

At this point we’ll establish the surface you’d like your artwork to appear on and your choice of decorative effect and application technique : gilded, painted, sandblasted etc.

You can also let us know how much input you’d like us to have in the project; whether you just want us to cut your mask, or you’d like us to help you complete your design and apply it for you.

US dollar for polished plaster original
US dollar polished plaster

When all parties are clear and in agreement about the specifications of the job we’ll send you a detailed quote; depending on our level of involvement in your project we will break this down into 3 prices:

-Design costs.

-Mask cutting and application costs.

-Decorating costs.

We will also detail the services you should expect to receive for this price.

*A good image size to send us is roughly A4 and 300 ppi, The better the image quality the cheaper the design costs. It is much quicker (therefore cheaper) to create a mask from a crisp clear image with plenty of detail.

N.B We will not cut anything that infringes copyright regulations, we can design something based on an image that you like but unless you have permission we won’t copy anyone elses work.

How about commissioning us to make a bespoke wall plaque, sign or piece of wall art as a great personal gift?

      Traditional reverse glass gilding