Who are The Cutout Company?

Trees on gilded background
Japanese lacquerwork panel woman with butterflies
hand painted side unit using vinyl stencil mask wallpaper pattern
Hand made Islamic table, raised gesso

The Cutout Company has evolved from over 30 years combined experience of Paul Swattridge and Fionn Simpson.

Paul spent many years working as a signwriter and Mural painter in England and America. The company he worked for in America had contracts with Disney, U.S Marine Corps. US Mail, NASCAR and many others.During his time in America he collaborated with and benefitted from close working relationships with neon glass makers, graphic artists, screen printers, sandblasters and a wide range of other artists and craftspeople.

In the early 1990’s, the company he worked for pioneered bus mural advertising. They adapted a technology that allowed painting onto bus windows without obscuring the view from inside, a technique now familiar the world over. The company was quick to see the benefit of emerging digital technology and used early versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Macintosh computers and primitive Gerber vinyl cutting machines on their projects; the same technologies that have evolved into what is now the heart of The Cutout Company.

Paul studied Historic Decorative Crafts at Lincolnshire College of Art and Design (DeMontfort Uiversity), and worked as an Artist in Schools and INSET trainer in Lincolnshire for several years.

Paul and Fionn first began working together in London six years ago.

Fionn completed her apprenticeship with specialist decorating firm Angel Interiors and with them, was privileged to work on some prestigious jobs including; gilding and graining the organ at the Royal Albert Hall, gilding at The Ritz Casino and restoration of ceilings at the Egyptian Embassy. She later became self employed and worked as a subcontractor. Some projects included: Claridges Hotel - Mayfair, the Oxford and Cambridge Club, the Carlton Club in Piccadilly and the Goring Hotel - Victoria.
Paul and Fionn have worked in many countries, completing projects in Germany, France, Norway, Greece, Sardinia, U.S.A, Isle of Man and Kuwait.

The Cutout Company is built on a strong foundation of experience and expertise, if you’d like to talk to Fionn or Paul about an idea you have, they’d love to hear from you.